About Us

We are the World Of Warcraft guild ‘Guards Of Uttabar’. Active at the Alliance side on the server Turalyon.

Allthought the exact creation day is lost in history we can say that we are one of the oldest guilds on this server. The core players of this guild have a huge amount of experience and are running around since the release of WoW (some were allready playing at beta). During the years we had ups and downs and we lost a few good people but we also gained a fair amount of players who became real good friends.

To all the people we lost: a big thank you for all the contribution and fun you gave to this guild and its members. Thanks to you the ‘Guards Of Uttabar’ is the guild that we are now!
Remember: ‘Once a guards. Always a guard! For life!’

You probably allready noticed that our main focus lays in having fun in this game. So you can categorise our guild as one of the social guilds.

Definition of social guild: Generally a social guild is one that is all about having fun, playing the game together and having a laugh. Often they will be fairly relaxed and large guilds that revolve mainly around socialising together in game and helping each other out. A social guild will normally have a wide verity of players, all with different play styles. You will find some people who have been playing since the release of the original World of Warcraft game and others who have just joined. People will often come in with different interests and experience in the game.

Allthough we are a guild about fun, a laugh and helping each other we are also pretty serious about the end game content. People who are interested in this field of the game can join our ranks and help in defeating the end game content. At this point we also have to say that we aren’t a hardcore raiding guild. We have some rules that everyone has to live by but nothing compared to the ‘workcontracts’ that some hardcore raiding guilds have. We must say that raiding with the Guards Of Uttabar is a unique and special experience! (this applies to all the things that happen in the guild to be honest)

If you are interested in joining: leave a message on this website or contact someone in game.

Have fun in the World of Warcraft.